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All of our projects are constructed with imported lumber, especially Western Red Cedar. The reason is ultimately because you always get what you pay for! Below are some key facts to help you understand what makes Western Red Cedar so special compared to the cedar grown in Ontario.


When any wood specie is grown in a rain forest, it will develop a high immune system and be able to withstand the high moisture environment as well as a variety of insect's constantly eating and attacking the tree. Over the course of sixty plus years of these conditions, the tree will have developed into a very strong specie that is naturally resistant to decay and insects. The result of this is that your deck or fence will last many years longer without the need for replacement.

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Nothing compares to the overall aesthetics of Western Red Cedar. The dark shade and rustic charm of the grains are unsurpassed by any other products in its class. There are four different grades of Western Red Cedar that offer different cuts from the tree which vary in price. Cedar grown in Ontario provides a very light yellowish appearance which can be very unpleasing to look at and does not offer the natural warmth and beauty of Western Red Cedar...

Environmentally Friendly

Wood has the lowest impact on air and water quality. This is especially true when compared to the manufacture of recycled steel. Forest regeneration also creates more trees which benefit the environment while they grow, taking in carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen.

Popular Myths

"I was under the impression that my cedar deck will last twenty plus years". This completely depends on where the wood came from, how it was dried and how it has been stored. Trees in Ontario are not harvested in the same manner as compared to twenty years ago. These days, most trees are cut prematurely resulting in a much shorter lifespan for your deck. Unless someone has guaranteed in writing the longevity of your deck, assume otherwise! Replacing approximately ten floor boards every four-five years will add up over the course of twenty years...

"If I stain or seal my deck every year or two, it will never rot, even if I used inexpensive cedar". The fact is, is that the stain coatings will only work as well as the type of wood will allow. Western Red Cedar is harvested to a thick piece of lumber that is optimal for any coatings and therefore will only require re-staining every two-three years. With most Ontario cedar, the thickness of the wood is not even 1 inch, these are referred to as "decking boards". The stain will not soak into a thin piece of wood as well compared to a piece of wood that is almost 2 inches in thickness! The stain won't last nearly as long plus the amount of sanding that is required for stain preparation will eventually reduce the thickness and weaken the wood in years to come...